Shattered World

The Shattered World 3D client is a Windows desktop application that lets you play the Shattered World mud in 3D (more info about muds here). Shattered World is a mud that has been around for over 20 years and is the worlds most original mud with contributions from over 50 wizards. There is also a MMORPG version of Shattered world at that uses a more advanced version of the 3D mud client though is seperate from the mud at

How does it work?
The application works like a normal telnet client except that there is a 3D picture at the top. As you move through the mud a scene is displayed depending on where you are and what is in your vicinity. There is more information on the 3D client here. Note that this version is an early prototype of the client.


Where do I get it?
There is a 9 Meg install here

Whip and Beelzebub

Is it free?
It's free. I'm a fan of the mud Shattered World and this is a contribution to the mud.

More scenes
Click here to see more scenes.