Check out Skinhat Softwares numerous Android apps available on Google Play:
Video Filters
Fish Tank Simulates a fish tank on your phone or tablet. Is transparent so is realistic.
Snow Globe Have your very own snow globe on your phone. Includes 7 models.
Lava Lamp Simulates a realistic lava lamp.
Matrix Vision See the world through your camera Matrix style.
Gabor Visual Cortex Simulates the visual cortex real time using the Gabor function which in turn is an equation that simulates the behaviour of a nerve cell in the visual cortex quite accurately.
Boof Head See your friends with a boof head just by pointing your camera at them. Can also distort with big eyes, big nose and mouth and different types of heads.
See Me Pregnant Shows what a person will look like pregnant just by pointing your camera at the person.
Video Motion Color Exaggerator Exaggerates recurring motion and color such a breathing or blood flow.
Ghost Maker Turn people into ghosts just by pointing your camera at a person.
Elderly Maker See your friends in old age. Just point your camera at a person and it will automatically show that person in old age.
Surveillance Logger Log the faces that your Android camera sees into a CSV file that you can load into excel or you can view within the app itself.
Race Sex Detector Using your androids video camera determine the race and sex of a perso you point the camera at.
Face Off Overlay the face of a another person such as a celebrity onto a person on your camera.
XRay Vision Magically allows you to see through ladies clothing.
Terminator See the world through the eyes of the Terminator.
Predator See the world through the eyes of the predator.
Cartoon View Give your camera a cartoon look.
Picasso See the world through the eyes of Picasso.
Live Wallpapers
Energy Balls Live wallpaper that have balls of energy that move faster the more you shake your phone. Has nice rainbow effect.
3D Architectual Recreations
Dunedin Recreation of Dunedin, New Zealand around 1910
Second Temple Recreation of the Second Temple in Jerusalem around Jesus's time (70AD)
Germania Construction of Berlin had Germany won WWII
Pyramids of Giza Reconstruction of the pyramids of Giza around 2500BC and in todays time.
Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty around 1930 with art deco theme.
3D RPG Games
Inferno Walk through Dantes Inferno with a Gustave Dore theme.
Zombie TV Blast the hell out of Zombies in order to escape.
Jungle Jim Blast the hell out of jungle critters in order to find the lost treasure.
Revelations Literal recreation of Revelations chapter 13.
Bikini Girl Explore a desserted island that has one girl on it who is just wearing a bikini.
Artie See how Artie lives.
Chaotic Circus Help the circus master find his lost key.
More Cowbell Recreation of the studio where Gene Finkel played the cowbell.
Arcade Games
Wasted You wake up totally wasted on the beach. Can you find your car before the cops get you?
Romneys Dogs Revenge The tables have turned and now Romney is on the roof and Seamus the dog is doing the driving.
Megaroids 1980's asteroids clone popular on the Atari ST and Mac.
Tetra Tetris like game that is designed to fill the screen and use gestures.
Romanov Tetra Tetris like game with a Romanov theme.
Android Pac Chomp Dessert themed pacman like game.
Planetoids Asteroids like game with a scifi theme.
Missile Defence Missile Defence game with a scifi theme.
Image Filters
Image Filters> Numerous image filters that change your photograph from your camera to cubism, oil painting, stained glass or softglow.
Cubism Give your photographs a cubist look.
Oil Painting Give your photographs an oil painting look.
Soft Glow Give your photographs a soft glow look.
Stained Glass Give your photographs a stained glass look.
Keyboard Effects Play the piano with effects you can contruct yourself.
Plague Detector Detects whether the area you are in has plague.