Dantes Inferno

This is the free version of Dantes Inferno. It doesnt include the inner ring of Violence, Sodomy.

Dantes Inferno follows the 14th century poem the 'Divine Comedy'. You can walk through scenes depicted in the poem using an etching style similar to the 19th century artist Gustave Dore. At different points in the journey you can view a corresponding etching by Dore with a brief explanation. Also snippets of the poem are displayed at corresponding scenes. Currently this app reaches the seventh circle of Hell, 'Violence'. It reaches the middle ring of the seventh circle of Hell, Suicide and the prelude to the inner ring, Sodomy.

View the promotional video of Dantes Inferno:

Pit of hell:

Limbo with the virtuous pagans like Homer:

Avarice - misers & spendthrifts:

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