Keyboard Effects

Play a keyboard with wacky effects you can design and edit yourself. You can save and edit a note to your SD card. You can also record and play tunes that create on the keyboard. Includes about 40 effects which you can choose from and you can change.

Choosing a sound effect
Click on click on the folder (for example 'organ') then choose the effect (for example 'organhi'). You can then tap the keyboard using this new effect. When you 'edit organhi' you can change the effect and save it to your SD card. Any effects you have saved to your SD card you can view by clicking the 'SD card' button.

Editing a sound effect
If you for example chosen the effect 'organhi' then you will see top left a button 'Edit Organhi'. Click on this and you will see a dialog with numerous sliders. You can move the sliders to change the sound. Click 'back' to revert back to the previous change. Click 'Save to SD' to save your effect to your sound card.

There are also numerous types of effects you can generate such as 'Explosion' and 'Laser' which generate random effects with an explosive or laser sound. To subtly randomly change these effects you can click the 'mutate' button. To create a completely random sound click 'random'.

Recording Music
To record your tunes on the keyboard click the 'Record' button and start playing your song on the keyboard. Click 'Stop Recording' when you've finished. You can then click 'Save Recording' to save your song to your SD card. You can then click 'Load Music' to load the song off your SD card.

A3SFXR flash website
When you save to your SD card it will save the file in SFS format which is the same format as the sound effect file generated on the as3sfx website. Therefore if you construct an effect os as3sfx and click 'Save Sound' to your sd card (sdcard/com.skinhat.keyboard/effects) then the file will appear when you click 'SD Card' on your Keyboard Effects Android app. You can also load sfs files from your SD card onto the as3sfxr website and play your effects on there.

Check out the free version which has a 10-15 second delay when saving at Google Play).

Check out the full version without the delay at Google Play).