Zombie TV

You're hiding in your basement from a zombie plague when you discover after getting out of the shower theyve got in. Can you escape? Is there a way to finish off the zombie plague once & for all?
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To move forward move the ball in the circle up and down to move backwards.
This a zombie. All that stands between you and one of these bad boys is you and your shotgun.
Press 'Fire' to fire your shotgun.
Zombie Rumours
The two Zombies on the sofa were rumoured to have been big Oprah Winfrey fans before they became Zombies. Even after becoming Zombies they still could not resist the lure of the television. All the TV stations had been shut down because of the Zombie plague and they still stare at the television white noise perhaps still dreaming of seeing Oprah again.
While driving his vehicle this guy was bitten on the arm by a Zombie. Stupidly he had his arm hanging out of the window and was bitten while eating a hotdog. He is now trapped inside the car not knowing how to get out but still drives it around.
Dont touch this guys bike. Before becoming a Zombie it was this guys pride and joy. His stupid zombie mind still dreams of riding it.
The zombies on the beach were once surfer dudes but after partying too hard woke up as Zombies having been bitten while passed out drunk. Now they just chill on the beach.
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