XRay Vision

XRay vision will allow you to see through ladies clothing. Get it free from Google Play.

Focus your camera on a lady to see her completely nude. Due to content guidelines on Google Play a ladies privates are pixelated.

To see options click on the config button and the following dialog will appear:

Click on the load button to choose different body:
The following set of bodies will be displayed. Just click on the body you wish to use.
To save a screenshot to your gallery click on the snapshot icon. Click on the 'close' button to stop showing the screenshot.
Animated Gifs
You can record video as animated gif.
To begin recording an animated gif movie click on the record button.
To finish recording click on the stop button.
To play the last saved animated gif click play.
You can easily embed the animated Gif on your website by loading from your SDCard.
For example you can get from you SDCard with a path like:

20130811_134625 is the time stamp that the GIF was generated