Lava Lamp

Simulates a realistic lava lamp. Includes transparent liquid and the ability to change your lava lamp colors. You can also change viscosity and speed of your lava lamp. Download it free from Google Play.
This is the free version. The full version allows you to save your lava lamp settings to your SD Card and reload them at a later date. You can even email the lava lamp settings to a friend. The full version also has no advertising. Check out the full version from Google Play
Snow Globe gives you your own snow globe on your phone. Includes many models like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and the Pantheon. Shake your phone and enjoy the sight of snow drifting..

Click on a snow globe model to change the center piece of your snow globe.

Change configuration of your snow globe such as transparency and viscosity of the liquid.

Change the transparency of the liquid in the snow globe.

Change how viscous the liquid in the snow globe is. The more viscous the liquid the slower the snow flakes.