Terminator View

Lovely Google have deleted this app from Google Play and is no longer available. Sorry about that!

See the world through the eyes of the Terminator. Includes face recognition of potential targets and also numerous objects such as a car, bicycle and aeroplane.
Check out the free version which shows a watermark at Google Play.

Check out the full version without a watermark at Google Play.

Switch between Terminator modes.
Click on any of these items to seek:
Human Bicycle Auto Scissors Spoon Mug
Banana Aeroplane Glasses Train Clock
Turn on or off sound.
Extra configuration
Can Sleep This allows you too stop Terminator View to sleeping. This is useful in Google Glass where you may not want the app to sleep after a few minutes. By default Terminator View can sleep.
Face Detection Switches off face recognition. This will increase frame rate but will stop targets being searched for.
To save a screenshot to your gallery click on the snapshot icon. Click on the 'close' button to stop showing the screenshot.

Animated Gifs
You can record video as animated gif.
To begin recording an animated gif movie click on the record button. str+
To finish recording click on the stop button.
To play the last saved animated gif click play.
You can easily embed the animated Gif on your website by loading from your SDCard. For example: DCIM/Camera/Game.name+20130811_134625.gif