Explore Berlin as it might have been had Germany won WWII. Explore Hitlers bombastic vision of Berlin including the Volkshalle, which would have held three eiffel towers and the Triumphal Arch which could hold Paris's Triumphal Arch in its entrance.

Note, this app has been banned in Germany primarily because of this article about my app on Radio Bremen. They portrayed my app as a nazi propaganda app which is annoying since my most popular app in Second Temple which is very much a zionist app.

Welthauptstadt Germania (World Capital Germania) was designed by Hitler and his main architect Albert Speer. In fact Hitler was a failed architect and Albert Speer became a surrogate for Hitlers own architectural dreams.

Germania is a neutral game which is neither pro or anti Nazi and is supposed to give people the experience of what Berlin may have been like.

New to this version
Soldiers marching under the Brandenberg Gate.

GPS - if you are in Berlin Germania will translate your GPS coordinate into game coordinates so you can see what Berlin would have looked like when you walk around.

Whats coming in next version
Germania will be integrated with Google Maps. So you will be able to see a satellite image of wherever you are in the game.

Video by Radio Bremen in Germany. Here they construct a video from my Germania video to make it seem like some evil pro nazi app.


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