Gabor Visual Cortex

This app simulates the visual cortex real time using the Gabor function which in turn is an equation that simulates the behaviour of a nerve cell in the visual cortex quite accurately. Just point your camera at a scene and Gabor Visual Cortex will display the scene with the gabor filter. You can change the parameters of the Gabor function to get different results. Download it free from Google Play.

In the visual cortex nerve cells can be simulated using the Gabor function. Gabor functions model the spatial summation properties of simple cells in the visual cortex.

The follow decribe the parameters for the Gabor function and information of each parameter is given relation in how it effects the resulting image:
Wavelength Lower values reduce line thickness. It is the wavelength of the sinusoidal factor.
BandwidthHigher values reduce line thickness. Related to the ratio of the standard deviation of the Gaussian factor and the wavelength.
Orientations Number of line directions that detect edges in the image. The orientations are equally distributed between 0 and 360 degrees, with increments of 360/orientation, starting from zero.
Aspect Ratio Higher values decrease the length of the lines generated in the image. It is the ellipticity of the Gabor function.
InvertInvert the black and white colors of the image.
Shows the original image on the right and Gabor processed image on the left.
Increase the resolution of the video. Will be slower.
Reset the parameters to the default settings.

To see options click on the config button a series of buttons will appear.
To save a screenshot to your gallery click on the snapshot icon. Click on the 'close' button to stop showing the screenshot.
Animated Gifs
You can record video as animated gif.
To begin recording an animated gif movie click on the record button.
To finish recording click on the stop button.
To play the last saved animated gif click play.
You can easily embed the animated Gif on your website by loading from your SDCard. For example: DCIM/Camera/Gabor20130811_134625.gif